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Three Car Crash at Vienna Intersection

| Sep 5, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Vienna emergency crews responded to an auto accident that happened on Thursday, August 23rd at the intersection of Lawyers Road and Church Street. According to a report from the Vienna Police department, the event involved at least three cars: one traveling down Lawyers Road’s southern lanes, another traveling down Lawyers Road’s northern lanes, and the third headed down the western lanes of Church Street. The three vehicles reached the intersection at around the same time. While the report included information to indicate that a stop sign controls traffic traveling along Church Street, it did not state whether or not there is any sort of sign to govern traffic traveling along Lawyers Road.

The car traveling along Church Street reached the intersection and, obeying the sign, stopped while facing Lawyers Road. The other two cars, traveling in opposite directions down Lawyers Road, also reached the intersection. The car traveling down the southern lanes of Lawyers then began to travel through the intersection at the same time as the car traveling down the northern lanes of Lawyers. This is where something occurred to cause the southern bound traveler and the northern bound one to collide.

Reporting did not indicate whether or not either of the two drivers were attempting to turn out of their lane and merge into Church Street or if something happened to cause one of the drivers to temporarily lose control of their vehicle. All we know is that the two cars already traveling down Lawyers Road collided with one another and that the force of the impact resulted in the two vehicles sliding across the roadway and into the car traveling down Church Street.

Police were called and reached the area shortly after the collision took place. After a preliminary investigation and after taking the statements from the people involved, the police handed out several charges and summonses. For the driver of the car driving down the southern lane of Lawyers Road, the police charged them with failing to yield to a right of way. For the driver traveling down the northern lane of Lawyers road, the police charged them with Driving Without a Valid Operator’s License.

It is not believed that the driver of the car traveling down Church Street received any charges. It is also not believed that anyone was badly injured in the incident.