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  • MLG won an appeal before the Court of Appeals (Case No. 0748-17-4). Court of Appeals reversed the decision of Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge who awarded a stay-at-home mom of 22 years marriage, who was disabled at the time of hearing, only five years of alimony.
  • MLG successfully argued a wife had a need for any pendente lite spousal support, even though she had inherited a sizable estate 2 years prior to separation.
  • Wife regained custody of her two children, where the circuit court had previously awarded custody to the father at the temporary hearing (Wife had been represented by different counsel at that hearing). Wife was also awarded the entire business she started during the marriage; where her husband claimed he was a key manager in starting the business and deserved portion of the business.
  • MLG successfully obtained protective order for wife against husband and possession of the home due to husband’s physical abuse. Wife additionally received temporary spousal support and exclusive possession of the house, even though the house was owned by the husband prior to marriage.
  • Wife was brutally beaten by her husband, who broke wife's orbital bone and dislocated her jaw. The injuries caused damage to her teeth, TMJ, and PTSD syndrome. MLG successfully won a $550,000 jury verdict for the wife against the husband. This was also one of the first cases in Virginia where a wife was able to successfully sue her husband for monetary damages, for a tortious injury, separate and apart from the divorce action.
  • MLG obtained a wife approximately $30 Million in assets and support for a 12 year marriage.
    $3.0 Million