Successfully resolving a case for a business client could mean closing a real estate deal, defending a lawsuit, enforcing a contract, or resolving any number of other legal challenges. We share some of our business litigation cases here to help prospective clients understand what we can do for them in similar situations.

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  • Well known restaurant in the DC Metro area was sued by disgruntled potential buyers, who claimed fraud. The case involved very complex litigation regarding the purchase of a business and whether proper corporate action was authorized. The case involved a six day jury trial. MLG's client won when the case was dismissed on a motion to strike granted at the conclusion of Buyer's case. Opponents of MLG's client sought $2.0 Million dollars in damages and an order that the Court direct the business to be conveyed to the Plaintiffs.
  • MLG successfully represented business in a stockholder dispute between two owners. MLG’s owner prevailed against the other owner’s lawsuit to obtain damages.
  • MLG conducted a Commercial Loan Settlement for SBA Loan for a client who owned a small business restaurant in Maryland in the amount of $600,000. Negotiated lease agreement, preparation of settlement and loan.
  • MLG conducted a Sale of Business for a client who owned a small business restaurant in VA. Sales price of $500,000. Negotiated lease assignment, ABC transfer, preparation of settlement and loan.
  • MLG handled a $5 million SBA loan settlement. Prepared loan documents, assisted in lease negotiations with the landlord, and obtained removal of judgments preventing loan.
  • Successfully negotiated on behalf of a personal guarantor to greatly limit and reduce his liability with the landlord on a Lease he had guaranteed, when Reston restaurant defaulted on lease.
  • MLG has successfully represented dozens of commercial tenants in lease disputes, based on COVID defaults.
  • MLG has successfully represented businesses and employees in Fair Labor Standards Act cases in U.S. Federal Courts, over hourly and overtime wages.
  • MLG successfully resolved a Department of Labor/Wage & Hour Division case on behalf of an employer facing $3 Million in unpaid wages and penalties, which were reduced to $800,000 in total wages owed.)