Hear our clients’ stories from the day of the accident through the resolution of their injury claim by reading our case results here. Our clients are more than just case numbers to us, so we share their entire journey to help new and prospective clients better understand the legal process they are facing.

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  • Successfully settled with Walmart for a significant sum for an accident involving a motorcyclist struck by a Walmart truck. The injuries were exacerbated because the Walmart truck backed over the MLG client's foot, which caused Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), a disorder that causes lasting pain, usually in an arm or leg, and which develops post accident.
  • Successfully represented dog bite victim in litigation which settled for $160,000. Overcame contributory negligence defense and defense that the dog owner was not covered by homeowner’s policy because the injury occurred on property not owned by the dog owner.
  • MLG successfully represented a pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk at night in a dark intersection. Pedestrian had a broken clavicle and broken ankle. Medical bills were $90,000. Settled for policy limits of $250,000 , plus obtained client an additional $30,000 in medical expense reimbursement.
  • MLG represented a bicyclist struck at an intersection by a taxicab. Broken neck vertebrae and clavicle, requiring 5 surgeries. Settlement for policy limits, plus additional recovery against the taxicab company.
  • MLG represented a jogger who was struck by a bicyclist traveling at a high speed. Client sustained $87,000 in medical expenses. Had ankle surgery and permanent injury to ankle, but allegations of contributory negligence/lack of liability were overcome. $350,000 settlement.
  • We represented a Client who was a struck in a crosswalk while the Client was walking their dog at night. Client sustained a broken shoulder and ankle, and had to have surgery. Medical expenses were $85,000. The driver’s insurance coverage limits were $250,000. We were able to successfully obtain the full coverage limits.
  • We represented a Client who was struck by a bicyclist, while the Client was jogging. Medical expenses were $87,000. Client had to have ankle surgery and had permanent injury to ankle. However, due to the Client’s age over 65 and because of a possible issue on liability, we settled for $350,000.