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Alexandria Body Shop Worker Crashes Client’s Car

| Jul 2, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

An ex-navy Alexandria resident was understandably alarmed on a Thursday late in June when he received a call from a mechanic telling him that his car had been in an accident. According to the Alexandria man, he had taken his 2016 Ford F-150 to the mechanic after the car had been involved in an accident. The initial accident, while not fully described in the news report, seems to have been a T-bone crash that happened in the neighborhood where the man lives.

According to the report, the man then took his truck to a local body shop where he was given an estimate for the repairs. Agreeing to the price, the man then left his truck there overnight. The following day, he received a call from the repair shop. The person on the other end of the phone told the owner of the car that the car had been involved in a second crash. When pressed for details, it emerged that the body shop where the car was taken subsequently had one of its employees drive the car nearly 20 miles away from the mechanic’s shop and into Prince William County as part of a “test drive.” It was while this employee was driving the car that something happened and he was involved in a collision.

The new estimated costs to repair the damaged vehicle jumped significantly from the previous costs to fix the T-bone damage. The owner of the car told reporters that the shop gave him an estimate of over $10,000 for the damages suffered in the second collision.

Regarding the crash itself, police within Prince William County were called in after it occurred, but they said that it was only a minor collision with no noticeable injuries to anyone involved. At the request of the car’s owner, police with the Fairfax County Police Department are now involved in investigating the collision.

The manager of the repair shop responsible for the car when it was involved in the second crash told the owner of the car that insurance agents were currently working on the claim and that the entire cost would be covered by this process.