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Police with the Vienna Police Department were among the first responders to arrive at an accident on Maple Avenue this past Thursday, April 12th, that resulted in badly damaged traffic light. After conducting an initial investigation, the police released a report that detailed the most up-to-date facts in the case. According to this report, it was close to 1:30 in the afternoon when a car approached the intersection of Follin Lane and Maple Avenue. Traffic had begin to gather in the area, likely due to the stoplight’s regulation. The driver of the car in question approached this line of traffic and, due to reasons that are not known, found themselves needing to swerve off of the road in order to avoid striking the other cars.

The driver’s swerve away from traffic likely saved numerous other vehicles from being involved in a potentially dangerous situation, but it did send the driver’s car directly into a utility box controlling the traffic signal. On its path to the box, the car also plowed through a privately landscaped area, a traffic sign, and the signal itself.

It is not clear who called the police, but we do know the driver of the vehicle was not reported as being injured. They remained at the crash site while police arrived and conducted the initial investigation, and it is believed that the driver stayed cooperative with the police throughout the entirety of their engagement with the authorities.

Due to the severity of the impact, the traffic signal governing the Follin Lane/Maple Avenue intersection was disabled. While the first stages of cleanup occurred, Follin Lane was closed from Echols Street to Maple Avenue. The area was reopened before the traffic signal was restored to full operation, with authorities reminding everyone that dark traffic signals should be treated the same as four-way stop signs.

Again, the driver of the car which caused the power outage was not injured in the incident, and it is not believed that there was anyone else in their car at the time of the crash. It is not clear if any charges are forthcoming in relation to the property damage.