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A crash in McLean on Thursday, April 12th, left one person in the hospital fighting to recover from life-threatening injuries. The Fairfax County Police have gone on record to explain the incident as best they can, although the report ended with the statement that the crash is still under investigation and the authorities are not entirely clear on what happened to cause the incident in the first place.

We know that it was shortly after 2:30 in the afternoon when a driver who was not named in the report was headed down the western lanes of Georgetown Pike. As they made their way along the 8600 block of this road, the driver allowed their car to drift from the asphalt and onto the shoulder. It seems likely that this sudden change in road conditions caused the driver to lose control of the car.

In a commonly seen maneuver, the driver attempted to regain control of their vehicle by wrenching their wheel towards the road. This resulted in a massive overcompensation, sending the car across all of the lanes of traffic and onto the opposite shoulder. At some point while the car was lurching sideways through Georgetown Pike the driver was thrown from the vehicle. It is not clear if the car was rolling at this time or just what happened to cause the ejection of the driver, but the injuries that they sustained were-as stated above-life threatening.

An unnamed individual called 9-1-1, and emergency responders, including members of the Fairfax County Police at work in McLean, arrived at the scene shortly after the single-car crash took place. The driver of the car was carefully lifted into an ambulance and taken from the area to a nearby hospital where he immediately began receiving treatment from doctors and nurses.

While the police conducted the initial investigation, the entirety of Georgetown Pike that lies between Old Dominion Drive and Towlston Road was closed and traffic attempting to pass through the area rerouted along various side streets.

Fairfax County Police are still working to unravel the reasons behind the crash and are expected to provide additional updates as the case progresses.