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On Saturday, March 24th, police with the Vienna Police Department in Fairfax County responded to reports of a hit and run on Maple Avenue West. The subsequent report, culled from the Vienna Police Department’s official Twitter account and its weekly collection of important news items, indicates that the incident took place some time before 1:00 in the afternoon and involved two separate vehicles.

The first of these vehicles was parked in what is presumed to be a parking lot in front of 168 Maple Avenue West. The owner of this vehicle told the responding officers that they were not in the car at the time of the crash which damaged much of the car’s front driver’s side.

When the owner of the struck car parked in the lot spoke to police, they said that there were no other cars parked to their left (nearest to the driver’s side) when they exited their car. It is not clear if the address where the incident occurred houses an apartment complex, a retail location, or some other sort of business, but the report seems to indicate that there are numerous parking spaces in the area and that the first car was parked in between several of them.

The incident itself was not witnessed by the driver of the first car. All that we know is when they returned to their vehicle they saw that it had been struck and damaged and that there were no cars or people in the area to indicate what had happened or where the perpetrator of the incident had gone. The owner of the struck car then called the police to report the incident.

Police investigators likely took stock of the situation and attempted to locate any incriminating pieces of evidence from the site. We do not know if they were able to find anything such as dislocated parts, paint smears, or other objects that might have been left behind after the second car struck the first. It is also not clear if anyone was injured in the crash, although it seems that, since the hit-and-run happened when no one was in the first car, no injuries were sustained.