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A report was recently issued regarding a traffic incident between two cars in Alexandria’s Old Town in Fairfax County that happened on Tuesday, April 4th, sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 at night. While the incident is still under investigation, we do know that only two cars were involved in the crash that occurred at the intersection of Princess Street and Henry Street, and that one of these cars was a police cruiser. 

It is not clear if the crash happened due to one of the drivers running a traffic signal or a stop sign, and it is also possible that this particular intersection does not have a traffic signal or a stop sign and instead features a yield sign or, as is occasionally the case in certain intersections, no traffic directions at all. Regardless of what sort of road conditions exist at this particular location, the police vehicle and the civilian car collided with one another.

The force of the collision sent the police cruiser spinning off of the road and directly into the side of a commercial building located near the area. Someone, it is not clear who, called 9-1-1, and soon there were numerous emergency response units at the area, assisting the officer and the other driver. The officer’s injuries were serious enough for him to need to be extricated from his vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital (which hospital was not included in the report). The exact condition of the officer was not known at the time of this writing, but it is believed that his injuries were not life-threatening and that the doctors anticipated his ability to recover. The civilian driver was also injured, but his injuries were able to be treated at the scene of the crash and were not considered serious.

Again, the report failed to speculate on the reasons behind the crash, and it is not known if the investigation has yet turned up any pertinent details regarding who, if anyone, should shoulder the blame for the incident. As the investigation progresses, additional details will be released to the public.