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Last week in Annandale was wet and rainy, and the resulting inclement conditions left numerous rivers and waterways swollen and, in some cases, overflowing their banks. On Monday morning, April 16th, a motorist traveling close to the intersection of Woodburn Road and Spicewood Drive in Annandale, encountered the floodwaters as they coursed down the road and rendered the car the person was driving completely inert. It is believed that this happened near 7:30 in the morning.

It is not clear who called to alert the authorities of the incident, but we know that when officers with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department reached the scene they found the driver of the vehicle standing on the car’s roof, signaling to the emergency rescue crews, and desperately looking for assistance.

After a brief period of time, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department was able to remove the individual from the roof of the car and pull them to safety. It is not clear just how this feat was accomplished, if the rescue teams used a boat or some taller cars, but, regardless, the motorist was rescued from an increasingly perilous situation.

While no injuries were reported in the incident, and while no other individuals other than the driver of the car and the rescue crews were involved, it was also not clear if there was any sort of investigation into the incident to discover just how the man and his car became trapped in the first place. The intersection where the high flood waters trapped the car was closed after the incident took place, but it is not clear just how long the intersection’s closure lasted. It is also not clear if any other roadways or intersections in the area were closed due to the high waters or if any other motorists in the area were reportedly left stranded in their vehicles.

The last unknown element of this scenario is just why the driver of the car was able to drive their car into the intersection in the first place. When road conditions are as poor as the one at the intersection of Woodburn Road and Spicewood Drive on April 16th, it is essential for emergency crews and local authorities to employ the proper equipment to inform drivers and divert traffic. It is not clear if any such measures were in place on Monday, when the above described incident took place.