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Fatal New Year’s Crash on GW Parkway

| Jan 7, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

New Years Eve is a magical time for billions of people throughout the world. In America as well, we treat the changing of the calendar year as an intensely powerful moment, and we celebrate with unbridled enthusiasm as the last digit on our clocks and phones rolls upwards. It is proof that we are, despite all attempts made by some to roll history back to some previous state, moving into the future. Unfortunately, as well as the celebration, the transition into a new year brings with it a dip into the pool of excess. Drinking and drunk driving are especially common around this time of year, and the accidents associated with these activities are similarly high.

In Fairfax County, very early in the morning, a man was driving his car down the northbound lanes of the George Washington Parkway. Although it does not appear that witnesses saw exactly what happened and the full story around the event remains unclear, what we do know is that the individual, who was not named in the initial report, was driving at excessive speeds between the CIA exit and the Interstate 495 exit when they lost control of the vehicle.

In the subsequent moments, the car collided with a tree located near to the roadway. Although the exact time at which the accident took place was not included in the report, it seems as though the Fairfax County police were called at around 6:15 in the morning. They rushed to the scene along with paramedics and other first responders and began attempting to help the man in the wrecked car.

The unnamed man was trapped in his vehicle after the crash, but the rescue crews were able to free him close to a half an hour after they arrived. The man was then taken to the closest nearby hospital where the doctors in attendance decided that the man needed surgery if he was going to live. Unfortunately, as the medical teams were taking the man to surgery he succumbed to his injuries.

Although the personal details of the individual who died in this crash were not released in the initial statement, it is known that their family was located and identified. It is not believed that any charges are currently pending against any individual or individuals in relation to this case.