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Addressing All Issues Related to Your High-Asset Divorce

When affluent couples divorce, the problem of property division can be highly complicated. That is why it is critical to work with an attorney who understands the unique issues that arise in these types of cases.

At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our divorce attorneys have the experience and sophistication necessary to understand the nature and extent of your marital estate. We can help you benefit from clear guidance on difficult problems concerning asset characterization, property valuation, tax planning and asset recovery.

We Have a Deep Understanding of Complex Asset Division

Our divorce clients have included physicians, lawyers, business owners, senior government officials, and others whose marital assets are substantial enough to merit special attention and whose property and asset division issues cannot be resolved in a single negotiation session.

Our lawyers advise clients about asset division involving all types of property and investments, including:

  • Interests in closely held corporations
  • Separate property that has appreciated in value or generated income during the marriage
  • Commingled separate property that might be treated as a hybrid under Virginia law
  • Family business assets
  • Interests in partnerships, professional practice groups, or licenses with a market value
  • Antiques, art collections, classic cars, and other valuable property
  • Stock options that might have vested at various points before, during, or after the marriage
  • Pension and retirement accounts
  • Undisclosed property or assets transferred from the marital estate shortly before divorce

We find that many clients with complex property division problems can also have a heightened interest in keeping their financial affairs confidential. We can move to seal the records of your divorce case to prevent any unintended consequences of the public disclosure of your financial affairs.

Dedicated Representation for Armed Services Members and Others in Sensitive Positions

With our close proximity to Washington, D.C., our firm has served the needs of clients employed at senior levels of the armed services and national security organizations. We have been able to arrange private arbitration for resolving all of the issues in a military divorce case and divorces involving other sensitive positions in order to protect confidentiality and security clearances.

Do You Find Yourself Considering a High Asset Divorce in Virginia?

If you are considering a divorce with high assets at stake, you need to speak with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Fairfax, Virginia, law office at 703.277.2811 to schedule your free consultation. We help clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and look forward to helping you.