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PO Obtained / Protective Order
Appeal Granted / Alimony Appeal
Successful Representation / Fair Labor Standards Act Cases
Case Dismissed / Business Representation
Spousal Support Granted / Spousal Support
Overturned / Spousal Support Limitations
Custody, Residency & Support Granted / Custody, Residency, and Spousal Support
Successful Dispute Resolution / Wage & Hour Dispute
Successful Representation / Fair Labor Standards Act Cases
Successful Representation / Lease Disputes
Successful Negotiation / Lease Liability
Settlement Successful / SBA Loan Settlement
Successful Negotiation / Sale of Business
Confidential Settlement / Inmate Abuse Injury
Charges Reduced / Felony Charges: Malicious Wounding
Policy Limit Settlement / Bicycle Accident
Confidential Settlement / Motorcycle Accident
Confidential Settlement / Wrongful Death
Custody & Ownership Awarded / Child Custody & Business Ownership
Case Won / Stockholder Dispute
Case Dismissed / Business Representation