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Library: Criminal Defense

  • Manslaughter Charges in Virginia: Understanding Your Options
    Being charged with manslaughter is a truly terrifying experience. Felony charges are life-altering, and incredibly serious consequences loom. Whether it’s voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, both are considered felony charges in Virginia. While these are less serious than murder charges, you can still face a lengthy prison sentence and hefty fines if you are convicted. Working with the right attorney and properly understanding the law can make a world of difference. What Is Voluntary Manslaughter? Under...
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  • Understanding Traffic Crimes in Virginia: Serious Consequences for Careless Actions Require the Help of a Defense Attorney
    We have all made mistakes while driving. Whether it’s been failing to stop at a 4-way stop or something more serious like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we have all had moments of poor judgment. Unfortunately, in Virginia, many traffic crimes come with hefty consequences. If you are a licensed driver, it is important to know the penalty for such actions, and how a defense attorney can help you navigate through any...
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  • Understanding and Building a Defense Against Malicious Wounding Charges in Virginia
    Malicious wounding charges often stem from fights that get too heated and head into violent territory. While the charges can also apply to attempted murder, the majority of cases are situations such as bar fights that escalated too quickly. If you have been charged with malicious wounding, it’s essential you understand what Virginia law is on the matter and work with a quality attorney to build a strong defense. Virginia Law on Malicious Wounding Malicious...
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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for My Reckless Driving Charge?
    I was charged with reckless driving by speed — do I need to hire a lawyer for this? As a traffic and criminal defense lawyer defending people throughout Northern Virginia courts for many years, I have been asked this question countless times. While some law firms will try to scare you into hiring them immediately by suggesting you are going to jail for up to 12 months, the truly correct answer on whether to retain counsel for...
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