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Our Experience Will Ensure That You Conduct Business Transactions With Confidence

Transactions are at the heart of most business operations. The transactions you make often have legal considerations that need to be weighed, and your business can benefit greatly from the advice of an experienced attorney. Our team of Northern Virginia and Maryland business lawyers can partner with you to help ensure the success and legal integrity of all of your business transactions.

Types of Business Transactions

A successful business transaction achieves your business goals and prevents future legal disputes. Our business lawyers can help your Virginia or Maryland business with:

  • Asset purchases and sales
  • Commercial real estate purchases and sales
  • Commercial real estate leases
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business purchases
  • Business sales
  • Business settlements

Additionally, we can help your business with other types of transactions that are tailored to meet your business needs, help your business be profitable, and set you up for continued success.

Successful Business Transactions

Successful business transactions don’t start with a finalized contract. Instead, several steps must occur, including:

Careful planning.

Our legal team will take the time to thoroughly understand all of your legal goals so that we can consider all of the potential ways to accomplish those goals. Additionally, we can effectively assess the costs and benefits of a specific business transaction and advise you of your options so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. With careful planning, we can establish the scope of your agreement and each party’s responsibilities so that we can help you avoid unexpected and unwelcome risks and enjoy the benefits of a successful business decision.

Preparing all paperwork.

Once your business transaction goals and the parties to the agreement are identified, the paperwork to achieve your goals must be drafted. All appropriate warranties, representations, indemnifications, guarantees, payment terms, collateralization, and other terms must be included. Each clause of every document must be appropriately worded to avoid ambiguity and to accomplish your goals.

Executing all required documentation.

All business transaction agreements and documentation must be signed and executed appropriately so that the contract is legally binding on all parties. This step ensures that you know exactly what to expect from the transaction and that you can take legal action if another party materially breaches your agreement. A mistake in contract execution could nullify your intended transaction.

At all times, our lawyers remain mindful of your business relationships. We understand that your reputation matters and that successful business transactions now may lead to additional successful business transactions later. Even if you don’t enter an agreement now, you may decide to do business with someone later, and we don’t want a potential bridge to be burned.

Our experienced Fairfax business lawyers will learn all about your business culture, priorities, policies, and of course, your short and long-term goals so that we can provide you with honest and reliable information about the different ways to achieve those goals in a manner consistent with your business philosophy.

You are our highest priority. Our lawyers prepare for every contingency, and that shows in the business transaction agreements that we draft.

When you hire us, you hire a legal team of attorneys and support staff who together have decades of experience representing Virginia and Maryland businesses of various sizes and in different industries. We will leave no stone unturned when drafting the right business transaction agreements to meet your goals.

We deliver first-class legal representation at an exceptional value, keeping in mind that delays and uncertainty can cost your business money.

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