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A Thorough Approach Is The Key To Success In Civil Litigation

When a conflict emerges in the operation of your business or the services you are provided don’t meet your satisfaction, you need the legal expertise of MacDowell Law Group, P.C.

There are times when civil and commercial matters deteriorate into a dispute which is so sharp and the stakes so high, that a party requires a skilled and experienced civil litigation attorney. In working to protect their client’s interests, the attorneys at MacDowell Law Group call upon their extensive experience and knowledge of the law to obtain successful results.

MacDowell Law Group firmly believes the key to prevailing in any civil matter lies in careful preparation of facts, documents, and evidence. With a staff of experienced lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals, the firm can thoroughly investigate, analyze, and prepare to litigate even the most complicated commercial matters.

The MacDowell Law Group Advantage

We provide a powerful combination of legal reasoning and negotiating skills that are essential for achieving successful outcomes, whether at trial, appeal, or outside of court. When necessary, we collaborate with a respected network of experts to support a case, such as investigators, accountants, financial analysts, title examiners, and other professionals.


In matters of litigation, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, and we manage all phases of the litigation process from investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

It is vital to have attorneys who can confidently and effectively fight for your interests. MacDowell Law Group will diligently explore every nuance of your case to ensure the best possible legal outcome. We provide litigation services in the Northern Virginia area and are available to discuss your legal matter at your convenience.

When settlement negotiations are unsuccessful you need to be prepared to go to trial. It is worth noting that most civil, commercial, and litigation cases are frequently settled by agreement outside the courtroom just before or during trial. This means you need to be prepared to litigate in order to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Our seasoned trial attorneys leverage their knowledge of substantive and procedural law to give our clients the best possibility for success.

MacDowell Law Group represents clients in matters involving:

  • Business-Related Litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranties
  • Business disputes
  • Dissolution or breakup of a business
  • Employment litigation
  • Fraud
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Non-compete covenants
  • Trade secrets
  • Unfair business practices
  • Personal Litigation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Medical malpractice
  • Partition suits
  • Product liability
  • Administrative
  • Administrative law
  • Liquor license violations
  • Injunctions
  • Preliminary and permanent injunctions
  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation
  • Construction defects
  • Landlord-tenant litigation
  • Premises liability
  • Real estate litigation
  • Real Estate Disputes

Commercial and residential real estate disputes are not uncommon and often involve complex legal issues. Our legal team is dedicated to finding solutions for all types of clients, including property owners, buyers and sellers, builders and contractors, realtors and title companies. MacDowell Law Group as has handled cases involving easements, contracts for sale, fraud, construction disputes, mechanic’s liens, and new home warranty controversies.

White Collar Litigation

Individuals and companies sometimes find themselves being investigated by local, state, and federal agencies for actions that could result in civil or criminal penalties. Our lawyers have defended individuals and businesses accused of intellectual property violations, and misappropriation of corporate funds. We have also represented business men and women who find themselves accused of felonies that can seriously impact their professional lives.


MacDowell Law Group lawyers have handled appeals to the Virginia Court of Appeals, the Virginia Supreme Court, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. We know that trial courts sometimes make mistakes. The MacDowell Law Group legal team has the experience needed for effective brief writing and oral advocacy before appellate courts.

Do You Find Yourself Needing The Services Of An Experienced Civil Litigation Attorney?

If you find yourself in need of an experienced civil litigation attorney please contact us online or call our Fairfax, Virginia law office at 703.277.2811 to schedule your free consultation. We help clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia and look forward to helping you.