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Sound Advice About Child Support Guidelines

At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our child support lawyers advise clients about their right to receive or obligation to pay child support. We provide a practical approach to these issues that is designed to protect your interests while saving you time and money.

If you have children and are going through a divorce or otherwise need help with support issues, speak with us. Please call 571-748-5647 to consult with a legal professional.

Child Support Commitments Are Calculated Under State Guidelines

There usually is not much to argue about in the determination of child support obligations. The noncustodial parent will pay a fixed amount based on the number of children and the gross income of both parents. Child support obligations will be reduced if the paying parent has other child or spousal support obligations. The formula for determining child support payments is set out in the Virginia Child Support Guidelines, which is established by the Virginia General Assembly.

Although online support calculators can provide a ballpark figure of support obligations, the guideline amount can be increased or decreased through a parental agreement, or adjusted in either direction by a court order. In every case, the reasons for varying child support will need to be clearly spelled out. The process can be complicated further if the paying parent is self-employed or has an uneven recent income history. That is why retaining experienced legal help from our attorneys at MacDowell Law Group, P.C., is critical.

Experienced Representation in Initial Orders and Beyond

In addition to determining the initial obligation amount, we can also help in establishing a plan for college funding, as well as help with modification of the support amount, or enforcement of court orders if you are not receiving the amount you are owed. Our focus on practical considerations in family law disputes means that we can usually find an efficient way to meet your needs on fair terms.

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