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Why do you want to get divorced?

You know that you want to get divorced, but what is your reasoning? Maybe you don’t even have a concrete reason. Many couples seek a divorce because they simply “fell out of love.” This could mean that you just drifted apart over time. Neither you nor your partner did anything wrong, but you can still tell that this is not a marriage you want to stay in.

Even if you can’t pinpoint the reason, there may be an underlying reason why you feel like you’re drifting apart. For instance, some people just have too many distractions in life. They work 60 hours a week. At home, the children take up their time. Any hobbies fill the rest. The couple doesn’t spend much time together and just can’t maintain the connection that they used to have.

In other cases, the issue is that there are little problems. You may not even have acknowledged them out loud. But something your spouse did suddenly caused you to feel a bit resentful. Maybe you got in a minor argument. These things repeated themselves over time. No one argument or disagreement seems to warrant divorce to you, but all of these events cause your marriage to erode.

The key thing to take away from this is that there is no right or wrong reason for divorce. It doesn’t always look like a movie-style divorce, where it’s obvious and dramatic. It can just happen over time, for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on. That’s all right. This is how it works for many couples. Just be sure you know what legal rights you have as you end your marriage.

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