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When Amusement Park Visits Go Bad

Amusement parks (or “theme” parks) are a favorite way for American families to spend some time together. Most of the time, everything goes fine — but there are exceptions.

Take, for example, the fact that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has just been sued for $2.25 million by two different injury victims in unrelated claims. One woman was hurt while on a popular bobsled ride. The other was injured while attending a Halloween-themed event at the park. She says she was scared by park employees and injured her head in a fall as she tried to run.

Theme parks sometimes routinely make everyone sign a liability waiver before they enter. However, not all of those waivers are enforceable. They may be too broad or not apply to your specific situation.

There are a number of reasons that you might want to sue a theme park — or, at least, explore the possibility. They include injuries:

  • On a ride that was badly designed or somehow defective
  • By an animal that’s being used in a show or exhibit
  • On a ride that wasn’t properly maintained or operated correctly
  • In a wave pool or other water attraction because of other people’s horseplay or the lack of lifeguards
  • In a fall on broken pavement or steps with no safety rail
  • In a fall over some hazard on the ground that had negligently been allowed to accumulate
  • As the result of a violent crime because there wasn’t enough security around.

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