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The Staggering Impacts of Brain Injuries for Victims

Brain injuries can take an obvious toll on victims but some of the toll a brain injury can take on victims and their families is less obvious. Brain injuries can have an extensive impact on victims, their families, communities and society as a whole and the physical, financial and emotional costs to victims and others can be staggering.

Because brain injuries can sometimes initially be difficult to spot, brain injury victims and their families should know what to watch for. The symptoms of a brain injury can include numbness; weakness in the limbs; excessive drowsiness; a severe headache; dizziness or loss of vision; slurred speech; vomiting or nausea; and loss of consciousness and confusion. The extensive impact of brain injuries can be disruptive to victims physically and emotionally and may result in mood and personality changes as well.

A brain injury, especially a traumatic brain injury, can have a profound impact on victims and their families. Brain injury victims may be physically and cognitively unable to perform their jobs, daily tasks or even care for themselves following a brain injury. In addition, a brain injury can disrupt the victim’s mood a personality and may make them unfamiliar to family and loved ones. All of this can result in depression and signification emotional, physical, and financial challenges.

A personal injury claim for damages following a brain injury can help victims recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages including medical expenses and future medical care; lost wages and lost-earning capacity; and pain and suffering damages. When the brain injury has been suffered because of someone’s negligence, such as a negligent driver who causes a car accident, victims may be able to recover compensation for their damages to help them as they try to adjust to life after a brain injury.

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