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Spinal Cord Injuries Present a Diverse Array of Side Effects

While any serious personal injury is difficult to live with, damage to the spinal cord is particularly devastating. Such an injury can occur in a variety of situations, but motor vehicle accidents are among the top causes of spinal cord injuries.

When a negligent car accident results in spine injuries, acquiring compensation is a primary goal so that the victim can pay for any necessary treatment. Unfortunately, some victims in the Fairfax, Virginia, region underestimate the severity of the side effects that accompany injuries to the spine. As such, they fail to pursue financial compensation, leaving them helpless to improve their situation.

A personal injury attorney can help you understand the full impact of a personal injury to the spine. Some of the effects of these injuries include:

Osteoporosis and fractures

Most spinal cord injury victims suffer from reduced bone density. This can cause problems like osteoporosis and unexpected bone fractures.

Depression and anxiety

Such a major change to your physical health often results in psychological effects as well. Anxiety and depression are common among spine injury victims.

Fluctuating blood pressure

Many who suffer from spine injuries experience abrupt changes in blood pressure, which can lead to health problems.

Blood clots

The reduced ability to move often leads to blood clots in the arms or legs. If these clots travel within the bloodstream, it could be life-threatening.

Other possible effects

Examples of other side effects include sexual dysfunction, sleep apnea, chronic pain and abnormal bone growth to name just a few.

Now that you have a partial understanding of how spinal cord injuries can affect your life, you can see why it is important to plan for your future. When negligence played a role in your injury, it is smart to discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer. This allows you to explore all the legal options at your disposal.

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