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Physical and Legal Custody Are Important Responsibilities

Child custody is often an important issue when Virginia parents decide to divorce. Individuals who share children may know that they do not want to be in relationships any longer but may not know how to separate their lives while providing their children with what they need. With the help of their family law attorneys, many parents can make responsible decisions about how to share and co-parent their kids with their exes.

Child custody involves two important topics: physical custody and legal custody. Parents can share physical custody, which means that they will each have time when the children live with them in their homes. For some families shared physical custody is harmful or disruptive, and if it serves the best interests of the children the kids may be placed in the sole physical custody of one parent.

Legal custody is often shared between parents even if physical custody is not. A parent does not have to have physical custody of their child to be involved in important decisions about their care, and that is what legal custody concerns. A parent who has legal custody can help guide a child’s educational, religious, medical, and other important needs.

No two child custody cases can be evaluated on the same facts as all families and children have different needs. It is important that readers get their own legal guidance when they begin the important process of establishing their physical and legal custody rights. The information contained in this post is meant to provide readers with an overview of an important legal topic but should not be read as advice or legal counsel.

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