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Important Information Related to Child Support in Virginia

Children deserve to receive love and support from both of their parents. That is why the courts may become involved in child support matters when parents choose to end their relationships in divorce. Child support is money that parents pay to ensure that their kids have everything they need to live healthy and happy lives. However, please keep in mind that this family law overview of child support should not be used as legal advice.

When parents go through divorce they will have to resolve where their kids will live. If a child will live permanently with one parent, their noncustodial parent may be required to provide their child with financial assistance so that the burden of paying for the child’s costs does not fall solely on the custodial parent. In Virginia child support is calculated based on a set of guidelines and mathematical formulas.

Many factors are relevant to how much child support a child should receive from their parent. The child’s needs as well as their parent’s capacity to pay will factor heavily into the amount of money the parent will be liable to provide. Child support that is ordered by a court carries with it judicial enforcement methods that can penalize parents who fail to keep up with their obligations to their kids.

Child support is generally mandated until a child graduates from high school or turns 19-years-old. It may be extended by the agreement of the parents, and parents who cannot pay their child support obligations ay be able to secure modifications through judicial intervention.

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