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Driver Negligence May Lead to Dangerous Pedestrian Accidents

Spring has arrived in Northern Virginia and more Fairfax residents may be choosing to spend time outdoors as the weather begins to warm. Residents may opt to play with their children outdoors or walk to work as temperatures rise and signs of winter begin to melt away. As they increase their time outside of their homes they may become aware of the dangers that can threaten their safety when they are near roads.

Collisions between cars and pedestrians are unfortunately common and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association estimates that around 5,000 Americans die every year in crashes with cars and other motor vehicles. While pedestrian accidents can happen due to many causes, it is often the case the driver negligence contributes to deadly and injury-causing collisions.

For example, drivers who allow distractions to claim their focus while they are operating their vehicles can hit pedestrians who are legally crossing roadways in front of them. Distracted drivers may run stoplights or signs, may fail to use their vehicle signals to indicate turns or lane changes, and may speed when their attention is not on their driving actions. Similarly, drivers who drink or who drive recklessly may lack the regard for others’ safety and may cause dangerous crashes with individuals on foot.

When a negligent driver hits a pedestrian, that victim may suffer serious injuries that time and effort to heal. As they recuperate they should remember that their personal injuries may be compensable under the law. Their rights and options are important and with the help of legal professionals they may be able to be made financially whole in the wake of their tragedy.

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