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If You Are Getting Divorced for the Second Time, You Need to Be Aware of These Challenges

When MacKenzie Scott filed for divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2019, it made headlines owing to the vast wealth that would be divided. Many people were surprised when she re-married in 2021, but we should not be that surprised that she has now filed for divorce for a second time. Over 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and apparently, the uber-wealthy are no exception.

You might not have a net worth of $33 billion to worry about, but second divorces can pose some challenges you didn’t face the first time around. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you navigate them.

Challenges That Can Come Up in a Second Divorce

You might think your experience from your first divorce will help you through the second split, and while some things will be the same, you might have to contend with new problems, such as:

Larger Assets

Second divorces generally happen later in life, when many people have accumulated more wealth and property than they had to divide the first time around. You each likely also have significant non-marital assets that will not be divided in the divorce. Property separation can be much more complicated the second time around.

Children From Both Marriages

You are well aware of how complicated custody, visitation, and child support orders can be to negotiate from your first divorce. If the children from your first marriage are still minors, and you have children from your second marriage, these arrangements will be very difficult to figure out.

Double Spousal Support

It is possible that you will be ordered to pay spousal support for your second ex while still supporting your first ex. A skilled divorce attorney will help you make a financial argument that will keep you out of the poor house.

We can assume that Ms. Scott had an iron-clad prenuptial agreement with her second husband that protected her from some of these challenges, but not everyone thinks like a billionaire when they are getting married. An experienced divorce lawyer will fight to protect your interests.

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