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What are the types of damages I can recover after a car accident?

Personal injury damages are important to help get injured victims back on their feet and hold negligent drivers responsible for the harm they caused. An unexpected car accident can cause injuries ranging from soft tissue injuries and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries.

Personal injury damages are available to help victims with the different types of harm they may have suffered. The first type of damages is compensation for medical expenses and future medical care and treatment. The second type of damages is compensation for lost wages while the victim is away from work and lost-earning capacity if the overall earning capacity of the victim is diminished by the injuries they have suffered. Compensation for permanent disability may also be available.

The third type of damages is compensation for the emotional trauma suffered. These damages can include pain and suffering damages; damages for mental anguish; damages for the loss of enjoyment of life; damages for the loss of consortium; and damages for the loss of society and companionship. These types of damages may be available through a personal injury claim, which provides an important remedy for victims of negligent drivers.

After being injured in a car accident, you may have a long list of questions. However, how you will pay for the injuries and harm you have suffered does not have to be one of them. Car accident victims should always be familiar with the legal protections available to them and know how to use those protections when needed.

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