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What should I do when an insurance adjuster calls me after a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident can be a very traumatic experience. While you deal with physical injuries, you may also have to deal with insurance adjusters. However, you don’t have to do it alone. You have the right to contact an experienced Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer for help.

Don’t Give the Adjuster Any Information About the Wreck

If an insurance adjuster calls you, answer their call and immediately tell them that you are represented by an attorney. Then, provide the insurer with your attorney’s contact information and ask that all communication occurs with your lawyer. Do your best not to answer any questions related to the incident.

The first thing the adjuster will do will ask you to provide a written or recorded statement. Refuse to do so, as the adjuster is wanting you to commit to details of the accident. Any statement you make could later be misconstrued and used against you in court. Instead, trust your accident attorney to handle any and all interactions with the adjuster.

While it might seem better to simply screen any insurance adjuster calls, it is actually important to answer the phone and to let the insurer know that you are represented by counsel so that your claim moves forward.

Why It’s Important to Watch Your Words

It might seem innocent enough to make small talk with the adjuster, thinking you are just being polite and not compromising your claim in any way. But remember, they are not on your side. The insurance adjuster’s job is to make sure the company pays as little as possible on a claim, and hopefully nothing at all.

Like many people, insurance adjusters often have a negative view of motorcycle riders – and that prejudice may show during a call with you. Adjusters are skilled at maneuvering a conversion to the place they want it to go. They may try to trip you up with questions like, “You said you weren’t speeding at the time of the wreck, but of course, since motorcycle riders always live on the edge, you do speed sometimes, right?”

Keep conversations polite and very short. You shouldn’t say much beyond the fact you have a lawyer and provide their contact information. If an insurance adjuster does contact you, be sure to let your attorney know as soon as possible and relay to them everything that was said.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Motorcycle accident attorneys are skilled at navigating tricky conversations with insurance adjusters. Leaving the communication up to a legal professional will help protect you from any manipulative moves these adjusters might make and biases they might have. At MacDowell Law Group, we understand the insurer’s games and can make sure your rights are protected.

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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