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Assisting Parents With Relocation Matters

When a parent with primary custody of the children considers moving away from Northern Virginia, there is more to think about than selling the house and starting a new life elsewhere. There are the rights and interests of the noncustodial parent and the increased difficulty of maintaining a visitation schedule. Above all, the best interests of the children must be taken into account.

No matter which side of a relocation proposal you might find yourself on, the family law attorney at MacDowell Law Group, P.C., can advise you of your rights and help you meet your legal responsibilities.

Parent And Child Relocation In Virginia

Courts typically order joint legal custody between parents following a divorce. As a result, each parent has an equal voice in the most important decisions affecting a child’s welfare and opportunities. If the parent with primary physical custody wishes to move the child out of state or to a distant part of Virginia, it is easy to see how the other parent’s legal custody can be adversely affected.

If a court order pertaining to child custody and visitation has been entered, Virginia law requires the parent who is seeking relocation to give the other parent and the court at least 30 days advanced written notice of the move. The relocation notice must provide when the move shall occur, the new address, the telephone number of the new residence and the mailing address if different from the residential address.

After receiving notice, the other parent must object to the relocation proposal, or negotiate a modified relocation agreement that meets his or her concerns. If a parent expresses timely opposition to the relocation, a judge will decide the issue on the basis of the best interests of the children.

Experienced Representation For Parents

At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our lawyers can help you whether you are the parent proposing the move or the parent who opposes the relocation. Relocation cases can be very difficult, especially if the other parent has a strong relationship with the children. If there is a disagreement over the parent being able to relocate with the child, the court must determine that the relocation directly benefits the child and that it is in the child’s best interest to relocate.

To learn more about the best ways to present your case for or against relocation, contact us online or call 571-748-5647 to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns. From our office in Fairfax, our experienced lawyers help clients throughout Northern Virginia.