We represent a range of clients across multiple practice areas, but all of our cases have a few things in common. The majority of our clients are worried when they come to us, and we put their minds at ease with common-sense advice and practical solutions. Read about how we have helped other Northern Virginians resolve their legal issues in these case results.

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients' cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.

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  • Well known restaurant in the DC Metro area was sued by disgruntled potential buyers, who claimed fraud. The case involved very complex litigation regarding the purchase of a business and whether proper corporate action was authorized. The case involved a six day jury trial. MLG's client won when the case was dismissed on a motion to strike granted at the conclusion of Buyer's case. Opponents of MLG's client sought $2.0 Million dollars in damages and an order that the Court direct the business to be conveyed to the Plaintiffs.
  • MLG successfully represented business in a stockholder dispute between two owners. MLG’s owner prevailed against the other owner’s lawsuit to obtain damages.
  • MLG represented Defendant in a criminal jury trial in which the MLG client was charged with malicious wounding, a 20 year maximum penalty. This case involved life threatening injuries, due to the fact that the MLG client stabbed the other party in a bar fight. But the defense of self defense was raised because our client claimed the victim was armed. MLG was able to establish the victim lied about his level of intoxication, and MLG's client was found guilty of single misdemeanor of assault and battery, rather than the felony.
  • Successfully litigated on behalf of Fairfax County Adult Detention Center inmate who was brutally beaten by sheriff’s deputy. Overcame significant legal challenges to prove the sheriff's immunity doctrine did not apply and the inmate was compensated for his injuries.
  • MLG conducted a Commercial Loan Settlement for SBA Loan for a client who owned a small business restaurant in Maryland in the amount of $600,000. Negotiated lease agreement, preparation of settlement and loan.
  • MLG conducted a Sale of Business for a client who owned a small business restaurant in VA. Sales price of $500,000. Negotiated lease assignment, ABC transfer, preparation of settlement and loan.
  • MLG handled a $5 million SBA loan settlement. Prepared loan documents, assisted in lease negotiations with the landlord, and obtained removal of judgments preventing loan.
  • Successfully negotiated on behalf of a personal guarantor to greatly limit and reduce his liability with the landlord on a Lease he had guaranteed, when Reston restaurant defaulted on lease.
  • MLG has successfully represented dozens of commercial tenants in lease disputes, based on COVID defaults.
  • MLG has successfully represented businesses and employees in Fair Labor Standards Act cases in U.S. Federal Courts, over hourly and overtime wages.
  • MLG successfully resolved a Department of Labor/Wage & Hour Division case on behalf of an employer facing $3 Million in unpaid wages and penalties, which were reduced to $800,000 in total wages owed.)
  • MLG successfully represented the Wife in a divorce involving a 12 year marriage. Wife received custody of both children, a residence worth $1.3 M, spousal support which will result in $750,000 in total payout,liquid assets of $250,000, together with attorneys fees.