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Teacher facing sex allegations in Fairfax needs criminal defense

| Jan 15, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

For people in Fairfax and throughout Virginia, being arrested and facing criminal charges can be difficult no matter the allegations. However, there are some accusations that can have a life-changing impact in a personal and professional way. One crime that falls into this category is sex crimes. These are especially problematic if they involve children. Although any criminal act involving a child is terrible, it does not necessarily mean that the person accused is guilty. Having a strong criminal defense may be imperative to a successful outcome.

A music teacher is accused of committing sexual battery against a student. According to the charges, the victim states inappropriate touching occurred. The man gives private lessons, mostly to kids. In addition, he has music camps at his own studio over the summer. Law enforcement is investigating to see if more victims emerge. He was arrested in late December and released on bond. He has no previous criminal incidents on record.

Understandably, sex-based offenses are viewed negatively in society and will lead to significant penalties if there is a conviction. Not only might the accused be incarcerated for an extended period, there can be fines, the need to register as a sex offender, limits on where that person can reside and more. The charges included in sex crimes can range from indecent exposure to sexual assault to child sex abuse and others. The incident could have been a misunderstanding or the person might be innocent of the charges. Before anything else, it is wise to have a legal defense to formulate a strategy to combat the charges.

Sex crimes are complicated and troublesome for anyone, but if it is a teacher who was accused, their entire life can be upended. In this case, a music teacher is dealing with sex-based allegations. To craft a viable defense, it might be a good strategy to contact a law firm experienced in all areas of criminal defense as soon as possible.