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Annandale Police Arrest Man for Hit-and-Run

| Dec 14, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Last Tuesday, officers with the Annandale Police Department became involved in a chase of a vehicle suspected of being involved in-and perhaps instigating-a crash in the Gallows Road and Annandale Road area. According to the official report from the Annandale Police Department, the incident began at around 5:40 in the evening after calls to dispatchers in the Annandale area alerted police and other emergency teams to a crash that happened at the intersection of Gallows Road and Annandale Road.

When the police arrived, they found a single damaged vehicle; however, witnesses to the crash told the officers that another car had been involved in the incident and that this second car had fled the scene shortly after the collision took place. Police immediately put out an APB on the second vehicle and initiated a search. Shortly afterwards, an officer with the Annandale Police Department reported locating the car in question. A short chase followed until the suspected car pulled over and allowed the officer to exit their vehicle and begin approaching the car.

It was just before the officer reached the car’s window that the driver hit the gas and sped away, leaving the office scrambling back to their vehicle to begin pursuing the suspected car once again. This second chase lasted only a short while before the driver of the pursued car decided to end the chase and pulled over for the last time. The officer then arrested the suspect.

The report identified the man inside the vehicle that fled the scene of the crash and instigated a chase by police as Mr. White, a 44-year-old Fairfax Station resident. He was transported via police cruiser to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. It is not known if he was able to post bail. As a result of his actions, White is facing numerous charges, including a DWI, ignoring the signal of a police officer attempting to make a traffic stop, and, likely the most serious, a hit-and-run.

An investigation is currently underway into the event as the Annandale Police Department and the Fairfax County Police work together to build a case against White.