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Collision on George Washington Parkway

| Nov 29, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

A Sunday afternoon accident at the intersection of the George Washington Parkway and Belle Haven Road in Alexandria resulted in the hospitalization of at least one individual. According to Sgt. Dingeldein, a spokesperson for the U.S. Park Police, the incident took place just after 2:00 in the afternoon and involved a minivan and a truck used for commercial purposes. According to Dingledein, witnesses to the incident said that truck was traveling down the left-most southbound lane of GW Parkway when its driver attempted to make a turn from the parkway and onto Belle Haven Road. At the same time, the minivan, a Honda Odyssey, was traveling down the northbound lanes of the George Washington Parkway.

For reasons that are currently under investigation, the truck attempted to make the turn across the opposite parkway lanes at nearly the same time as the Odyssey was approaching the intersection. It is not clear if the driver of the Odyssey should have had enough time to stop or if they could have avoided the truck, but, since neither of these things occurred, the Odyssey collided with the side of the truck with such force that the smaller vehicle became lodged under the trucks belly.

When emergency medical teams from around the county arrived, they were forced to saw the top of the minivan off in order to access the trapped driver within. When the Odyssey’s driver was removed from the car, they were assessed by the attending medical teams. According to the official report, the minivan’s driver suffered from only some cuts and bruises as well as aches and pains. Even though the diagnosis in the field was fairly benign, the individual was still transported from the scene of the accident to a hospital nearby.

Sgt. Dingeldein told reporters that the minivan’s driver was released from the hospital later that same day.

The driver of the truck did not suffer any injuries as a result of the incident. Currently, they have received a citation from the Fairfax County Police Department for operating a commercial vehicle on the parkway, which is prohibited by the law, as well as for instigating an illegal lane change.