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Falls Church Mother Arrested after Leaving Children in Hot Car

| Oct 2, 2017 | Child Abuse |

An extremely distressing story has emerged from Falls Church that seems to indict a mother in the neglect and endangerment of her three children. A little over a week ago, Faulkinson loaded her kids into her car and drove with them to Columbia Pike, somewhere in the 5600 block. Police with the Fairfax Police Department have indicated that the car arrived at Columbia Pike close to 2:00 in the afternoon.

When Faulkinson reached her destination, she exited the car alone and locked all the doors. The children, who it is believed are aged 5, 6, and 7, were left inside of the vehicle. Around 45 minutes later, a call from a concerned citizen was made to the Falls Church emergency line to report that the children were still in the vehicle. The caller indicated that the windows in the car were rolled up and the vehicle was not on to produce conditioned air.

Officers with the Fairfax County Police arrived shortly after the call was placed. According to their report, the children were clearly experiencing heat exhaustion when the police rescued them from the car. Additionally, one of the children, in an attempt to cool the scorching vehicle, had punched and kicked their way through a window that previously had been held together with some tape.

All the children were safely removed from the vehicle and given proper medical attention. After the authorities determined that the children were in good health, they were relinquished from police and medical custody and given to their stepfather.

Faulkinson, for her part, was located and arrested by the Fairfax County Police. She is currently being charged with three counts of cruelty to children, although it is not clear whether or not any additional charges will be leveled in response to the events. In her statement to the police, Faulkinson admitted to leaving the children in the locked car. She said that the reason why she decided to leave them in the vehicle was because she did not want them to accompany her to her job. The circumstances which required Faulkinson to bring her children with her in the first place are not currently known.