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Carjacker Arrested by Fairfax County Police

| Sep 23, 2017 | Theft Crimes |

On Monday, close to 6:30 in the evening, Virginia State Police responded to reports of a crash in the westbound lanes of I-495. The reports indicated that the accident was a hit-and-run and that the vehicle that had caused the crash, a black sedan, had fled the scene after causing the collision. Emergency response teams arrived quickly at the location of the accident, but in the meantime reports were coming in that a second accident, involving the same car, had taken place further down I-495.

It seems that in a frantic attempt to escape from capture following the first accident, the driver of the black sedan became involved in yet another accident. As a result of the second accident, the black sedan was no longer drivable. While this might have been enough to deter some, it was no problem for the driver of the black sedan. Leaving the vehicle, they made their way over to a Virginia Department of Transportation vehicle that had stopped in order to offer assistance to those in the accident. The individual from the black sedan climbed into the DOT truck and, finding the keys still in its ignition, sped away.

A short while later, while driving down I-95, the individual now in the DOT truck caused a third accident. Although this crash severely damaged the DOT truck, the individual behind the wheel was able to continue driving for some ways until the truck became completely incapacitated. The driver then exited the truck and continued on foot to their home, which a spokesperson for the Fairfax County Police Department has said lies somewhere in the 7000 block of Springfield’s Backlick Road.

While it is not clear just how the Fairfax County Police were able to follow the individual to their residence, it does appear that it was not a difficult task, and that the individual was taken into custody shortly after the crash which involved the DOT truck.

During the initial investigation it emerged that, in addition to stealing the DOT truck, the individual who caused the accidents also stole the black sedan in which they were initially driving.

Charges are pending in this case and it is believed that the individual who caused the crashes was under the influence of illegal substances.