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Motorcyclist Hospitalized after Crash near Burke

| Sep 18, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A heavily trafficked road within the city of Burke in Fairfax County was shut down for much of the day on Tuesday, September 11th, after a crash between several cars happened and made the area impassible. Reports from the Fairfax County Police Department suggest that the accident involved a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, although it is not clear if this second vehicle was an SUV, a car, a pickup truck, or something else. The two were traveling along the well-known and well-driven Fairfax County Parkway when the collision took place. 

From the report, we know very little. It was not indicated whether or not the two vehicles were traveling in the same direction or if perhaps they were headed in opposite ways. This would have resulted in a head-on crash, something that seemingly did not occur, which makes it seems as though perhaps the two vehicles were traveling in the same direction, possibly even the same lane, when the collision took place. We known only that after the crash happened, the driver of the motorcycle was found to have suffered from fairly severe injuries. They were taken from the area of the crash to a hospital near to the area, but it is not currently known if they are still inside of the hospital or if they were able to be treated for their injuries and released.

After the crash, police with the Fairfax County Police Department decided to shut down a large segment of the southbound lanes of the Fairfax County Parkway, a decision that affected traffic for several miles throughout the area. While the initial investigation was underway, police put out notices advising and suggesting that passengers find an alternate route through the city. Drivers were subsequently rerouted away from the southern lanes of the Fairfax County Parkway all the way from the location of the incident to Lee Chapel Road, several exits away from the actual location of the crash.

An investigation into the incident is still underway, and anyone looking for additional information on the crash should stay keyed in to the Fairfax County Police Department’s official news dissemination outlets.