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Hit-and-Run in Vienna Leads to Arrest and Numerous Charges

| Sep 11, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Police with the Vienna Police Department were called in response to an incident which happened towards the end of August. Specially, it was on Saturday, August 25th, and close to 6:30 in the morning when two cars were driving along Maple Avenue East and became involved in a collision that turned into a hit-and-run

From the preliminary reports, we know that a car was driving down the leftmost eastern lane of Maple Avenue and that a second car was also headed east while traveling down the rightmost lane. The two cars were approaching the intersection of Maple Avenue and Branch Road when the driver of the car in the left lane – which was traveling slightly ahead of the second car – decided to make a right turn out of the left lane. This decision caused them to suddenly enter the path of the car in the rightmost lane and a collision between the two vehicles became unavoidable.

The resulting crash caused both of the cars to careen off of the road and into the lot delegated to 395 Maple Avenue. It seems that the car that had attempted to make the turn was now incapacitated and the driver, not interested in the following interactions after the crash, decided to make their way from the incident on foot. They fled from the scene down the southern lanes of Branch Road, although it is not clear if they remained alongside of the street or if at some point they attempted to elude capture by darting through yards and side avenues.

Police reached the area shortly afterwards and were able to find and apprehend the fleeing person without much trouble. The report indicated that they were assisted by eyewitnesses who had watched the person run away, although it is not clear just how long after the crash took place that the fleeing person was apprehended.

While it is not clear if either of the two individuals involved suffered from injuries as a result of the incident, we do know that the 55-year-old Falls Church resident who police managed to capture was arrested and transported from the area to Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. There, he received charges ranging from Felony Hit and Run to Driving Without a License.