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Manassas Multi-Car Crash Caused by Hit-and-Run Driver

| Aug 14, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

On August 2nd, a person ran a stop sign at the intersection of Sudley Road and Campus Drive in the Prince William County town of Manassas. Reports from the Prince William County Police Department indicate that it was close to 5:00 in the evening when the individual, who was driving a vehicle that was only described as being “silver” in the initial report, ran a stop sign and collided with at least one other car. Due to the time of day, numerous other vehicles were on the street at the same time and the crash between the first two cars resulted in several additional vehicles becoming involved in the fiasco.

Little is known about the silver car and its driver. It appears that they approached the intersection via Campus Drive. When they reached it, they reportedly ignored the stop sign and began to drive through the area. Its path took it directly in front of an oncoming BMW which was headed down the northern lane of Sudley Road. The driver of the BMW attempted to avoid the silver car and swerved out of the northbound lane and into the southbound one. This put it directly in the path of an oncoming Jeep Cherokee.

The driver of the Jeep also attempted to avoid a collision and jerked the steering wheel away from the oncoming BMW. While a potentially life-saving decision as it prevented a head-on crash with the BMW, this abrupt moment of the steering wheel caused the driver of the car to lose control of the vehicle. In the following moments, the Jeep toppled over and rolled several times before coming to a complete stop.

One of the people inside of the Jeep was a 49-year-old Manassas resident. They were not wearing a seatbelt, and this contributed to their being thrown from the vehicle and suffering from several severe injuries. This person was then flown from the area in an emergency helicopter and taken to a hospital. Three of the other people in the Jeep were also hospitalized as a result of the crash; although it is believed that their injuries were minor.

The driver of the BMW did not suffer from any injuries, but they did stay at the scene of the crash while the police conducted the preliminary investigation. The driver of the silver car, on the other hand, fled from the area. Police are currently accepting any and all information that might lead them to locating and apprehending this individual.