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Man Arrested on DUI after Hitting Fire Truck and Fleeing in Stafford County

| Jul 30, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Early on Friday, July 27th, an officer was on patrol close to mile marker 135 on Interstate 95-South in Stafford County when he watched a silver car approach an area where a fire truck was blocking traffic from traveling down the right lane of the highway. The initial reports on the incident indicated that the fire truck was positioned in order to protect investigators and emergency response crews who were working on clearing up an accident that had taken place prior to this incident, although it is not clear exactly what the nature of that crash was.

It was close to 2:15 in the morning when the silver car traveled through the area. The officer on patrol nearby said that as the car approached the firetruck and prior crash site the driver seemed to be unaware of what they were doing. Somehow, the car managed to not only strike the fire truck but to hit it’s side, as though the diver of the silver car had lost control of their vehicle in the moments before the crash.

The officer reported that the driver then exited their vehicle to inspect the damage between their car and the fire truck. At this time, the police officer began to approach the area. The driver of the silver car turned around and saw the officer, panicked, climbed back into their car and drove away.

Deputies with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office chased the individual for nearly two miles before they were able to make the driver of the silver car stop his flight. It is not clear if any special maneuvers or equipment was needed to make this happen of if the officers were able to simply use their vehicles to trap the silver car. Either way, the individual inside was removed from the vehicle and arrested.

After police obtained a search warrant, the man accepted a blood test that gave police reason to arrest them on a DUI charge. Other charges the man faces in this incident include hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, and refusal of a standard DUI exam.