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Fatal Crash Along Alexandria’s Woodrow Wilson Bridge

| Jun 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A massive incident that happened along the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria on Wednesday, June 20th, resulted in extensive lane closures, hours of delays, and at least one fatality. Reports on the incident are still emerging from the various members of first responders throughout Prince George’s County and beyond, but we do know that it began at close to 11:00 in the morning, as cars were traveling over the bridge.

At the time, the bridge was also occupied by numerous construction vehicles and workers who were performing maintenance on the structure. This is when an empty tractor-trailer began driving across the bridge.

The reports are not yet clear on what occurred within the truck, but the driver either lost control or failed to take into account the size of the machine as it began making its way through the construction zone. The front of the truck collided with one of the construction vehicles-one that was positioned in such a way as to protect a larger boom truck. The force of the collision caused both the tractor trailer and the boom truck to erupt in flames.

Witnesses to the incident describe seeing several explosions, although it is not entirely clear what along the bridge exploded. Construction workers along and underneath the bridge then became trapped as flames from the two burning vehicles began to spread. Several civilians in cars were also caught up in the collision, although it is not clear if they collided with the truck after the truck collided with the construction vehicle or if they were impacted from behind.

According to the official numbers, 40 different emergency response units with around 100 different members of various police, fire and rescue, and EMT services arrived at the location to help assist in clearing up the crash as well as providing victims with emergency medical assistance. The driver of the truck, an individual who was not immediately identified, died as a result of the incident. Eight other people were transported from the location to nearby hospitals. It is not clear what the condition of these eight people were at the time of their hospitalization, but the reports indicated that all but one was treated and released between the time of the crash and now.