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Minor Injuries After Collision in Vienna

| May 29, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A person in Vienna suffered from minor injuries after a two car crash along Follin Lane and Hine Street on Wednesday, May 23rd. Police with the Vienna Police Department issued a brief statement regarding the incident in their weekly roundup of news points for the press and interested civilians. While the report failed to include much detailed information regarding the crash, it does provide us with the barebones of an outline with which to understand the basic elements of what took place.

We know, for instance, that the collision took place around 6:10 in the evening. This is during the traditional rush hour in Vienna, although the report did not indicate whether or not either of the two people involved in the collision was traveling home from their job. Instead, it only states that the one vehicle was driving northbound down Follin Lane while another vehicle was traveling along the western lane of Hine Street.

The place where the two roads meet features a stop sign rather than a traffic light. When the driver of the car traveling down Hine Street reached the stop sign, they stopped. It is a little uncertain as to why the following collision took place, although it could be the result of any number of factors. After stopping, the car traveling down Hine Street accelerated into the intersection and struck the car already traveling down Follin Lane.

As previously stated, there are several reasons as to why the crash occurred after each of the drivers seemingly did what they were required to do. It is possible that the driver who reached the stop sign failed to appropriately check the surrounding area to ensure that it was clear of vehicles. Just because they stopped at the stop sign does not mean that they actually examined the traffic in the area to make sure the roadway was clear before they continued. It is also possible that the road in this area features overgrown shrubs and trees, disrupting the field of vision and making adequate examination of the oncoming traffic virtually impossible.

The driver of the car traveling down Follin Lane experienced some minor injuries as a result of the collision, but the report stated that this person refused any aid. The driver of the car traveling down Hine Street is not believed to have suffered any injuries; however, they were issued a citation and a court summons.