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Woman Who Crashed through Woodbridge Fence Receives Numerous Charges

| Apr 17, 2018 | Child Abuse, Drunk Driving, Homicides, Manslaughter, Motorcycle Accidents, Murder, Sex Crimes, Theft Crimes, Violent Crimes |

Officers with the Prince William County Police Department working in Woodbridge are currently investigating an accident that took place at the end of March and resulted in the arrest of a woman believed to be driving with a child while under the influence of several different substances.

The incident began close to 10:00 in the morning of March 29th when the woman, who was driving a 2003 Nissan Altima, attempted to park the car in a driveway located along the 12900 block of Ketterman Drive. According to the report, the woman was unable to park the car due to the fact that she accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the break. This caused the car to shoot off of the driveway and through a fence located nearby. Somehow, the force of the car crashing through the fence combined with perhaps a steep slope in the same area to make the car roll over before finally coming to rest on its side.

We do not know who called the police, but Prince William County officers arrived shortly afterwards to assist the driver and a young child who was inside of the car at the time of the incident. We do not know the age of the child, but it is clear that they are a minor.

Inside of the vehicle, responding Prince William County Officers found numerous prescription medications as well as Phencyclidine. More commonly known as PCP, Phencyclidine is used recreationally for its hallucinogenic and perception-altering effects.

The woman, a 34-year-old Woodbridge resident, was subsequently arrested and charged, among other things, with child endangerment, DUI, possession of narcotics, and driving on a suspended license. It was not clear if the police determined that she was suffering from the effects of using both the prescription drugs and the PCP or if she had only ingested one of the substances.

Prince William County Police transported the woman to a local jail where she was held without recourse to bond. It was not immediately clear from the report what happened to the child that was in the car after the incident (we do know that they were not injured), whether they were placed in the care of another relative or if they if they found shelter elsewhere.