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Two Cars Crash in Vienna Intersection

| Apr 30, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

While only a few scant details have emerged regarding an accident that took place on Monday, April 23rd, the Vienna Police Department working within the city of Vienna in Fairfax County has included the incident in a weekly roundup of reports that they publish for the press and public.

According to this report, the incident happened shortly before 1:00 in the afternoon and included only two cars, both of which were traveling down Park Street. One of the cars was in the northbound lane of Park Street, and the other car was in the southbound lane of the same road. It was as they neared the intersection to Church Street that the two cars’ encounter began. Both of the cars, it seems, were looking to turn off of Park Street and onto Church Street. The car in the northern lane of Park Street maneuvered their car into the intersection in an attempt to make the left turn across traffic onto Church Street while, simultaneously, the car traveling in the southern lane of Park Street began to turn right through the intersection and onto Church Street.

It is not clear if either of the two drivers saw one another or if any attempts were made to avoid the collision, but we do know that it was while they were trying to jockey for position on Church Street that the two cars collided with one another.

The report did not indicate if either of the two drivers suffered any injuries as a result of the crash, and all we know about the aftermath is that both of the cars received minor damages. It is possible though that one or both of the drivers (not to mention any passengers who may have been in the vehicles at the time of the collision) suffered initially imperceptible injuries as a direct consequence of the accident. Injuries such as can happen to the head, neck, and back are often not initially detected, and it is only until days or more after the incident itself takes place that they are discovered.

Regarding the incident on April 23rd, it is not clear if any investigation is ongoing in the case or if any charges against either of the participants are pending.