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Numerous counties in Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County, were affected on the morning of Wednesday, April 4th, when police officers found themselves in pursuit of a driver suspected of DUI as he fled across 30 miles of highway. The report, issued from Alex Kowalski, the spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, indicated that the chase began on Route 15, close to Courtland Farm Lane, after a deputy with the department saw a green Subaru being driven in an erratic manner. It seems that the deputy saw the car weaving back and forth across the highway, and when the deputy clocked the Subaru, it was proven to be traveling at well above the posted limit.

The deputy reported that they began to attempt a traffic stop on the potentially dangerous vehicle at close to 4:15 in the morning. After activating their lights, the deputy accelerated until they were several car lengths from the rear of the Subaru, a standard maneuver when initiating a routine traffic stop. The driver of the Subaru, however, did not seem inclined to stop for the officer, and instead stopped on the gas and sped away.

Other deputies in Loudoun County were called in to help in the chase as the Subaru raced down the southern lanes of Route 15. At the juncture of Route 15 and Route 50, the Subaru’s driver turned off onto Route 50’s eastern lanes and continued to attempt to elude capture as the cavalcade crossed over the county line separating Loudoun from Fairfax.

Inside of Fairfax County, officers with the Fairfax Police Department joined in the chase. With two separate counties of deputies following him, the Subaru’s driver still refused to surrender. He drove, still well above the posted limit in the area, through Fairfax County and the, when he reached Interstate 66 he turned off of the eastern lanes of Route 50 and onto the western lanes of Interstate 66.

On this new highway, the cars sped along until they exited Fairfax County and entered Prince William County. This might have continued indefinitely had not the driver of the Subaru lost control of his vehicle as he attempted to transfer off of the western Interstate 66 lanes and onto the northern lanes of Route 234 (also called Sudley Road). In the following moments, the Subaru crashed, although it is not clear if it crashed into and access ramp’s wall or into another vehicle.

The driver of the Subaru was subsequently arrested, and it is believed that they currently face DUI charges. The crash is still under investigation.