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Fatal Fairfax County DUI Crash Results in Prison Sentence

| Feb 5, 2018 | Manslaughter |

A car accident that took place last summer has finally reached the sentencing phase after police with the Alexandria Police Department concluded their investigation into the accident’s surrounding details. According to the official report, Vasquez, a 27-year-old resident of Fairfax County, was convicted on several accounts of aggravated manslaughter. It is believed that both of these accounts relate to the fact that Vasquez was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

The sentencing of Vasquez comes six months after the incident itself, but it is worth recounting the facts here in order to provide a complete picture. On July 8th, Vasquez was behind the wheel of his car and driving down the southern lane of Henry Street, close to where Henry and Duke Street intersect. While the report did not indicate the speed limit along this stretch of road, it did state that shortly before the crash occurred Vasquez was traveling at least 70mph.

Vasquez lost control of the car, which resulted in the vehicle departing from the roadway. Before Vasquez could resume navigating the car with any success, it collided with both a fence and a tree.

In the car with Vasquez were his brother, the 24-year-old J. Vasquez (who is believed to have been a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland), and an unnamed female passenger. The reports did not state if the unnamed passenger was related to the Vasquez’s.

Due to the intensity of the impact with both the tree and the fence, J. Vasquez experienced severe trauma to his skull. The updated report did not clarify whether or not he was alive when the emergency response services reached the area, but we do know that he was ultimately pronounced dead a the scene of the crash.

The unnamed passenger also suffered severe injuries, in placing a fractured pelvis and a broken spine, but her injuries were not deemed to be life threatening and she was able to receive help from several individuals who witnessed the crash while they waited for the ambulance to arrive and take her to the hospital. It was not immediately clear whether or not Vasquez was injured in the crash.

Tests done at the scene and shortly afterwards ascertained that Vasquez, whose BAC was almost double the legal limit, was highly intoxicated at the time of the crash. He received a three year, four month prison sentence as well as a five year probation period after his time in prison is served.