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Motorcyclist Loses Control of Bike in Chantilly, Dies

Police in Fairfax County are in the process of investigating an incident that took place in Chantilly on Friday, April 16th, that resulted in the death of a 33-year-old man from Leesburg. Official reports do not offer much in the way of information, and it is believed that the investigation into the individual's death is still ongoing, but we do have several pieces of information regarding the incident that have come via official news sources and police reports.

Fatal Rear-End Collision on Interstate 66

On Thursday, April 19th, several cars were involved in a collision that took place on a stretch of Interstate 66 that runs through Fairfax County. Reports from the Virginia State Police indicate that the crash happened close to 4:00 in the morning and involved two cars that were both in the western lanes of I-66.

Seven Car Pileup on Arlington Access Road

On Thursday, April 19th, numerous cars were involved in an accident that happened in Arlington, at the intersection of the Arlington Boulevard Access Road and North Nash Street. Reports from fire officials within Arlington County indicate that the incident included up to seven vehicles and that one of them was a garbage truck that was in the process of transporting trash from the city to a landfill.

Driver Stranded in Annandale Floodwaters

Last week in Annandale was wet and rainy, and the resulting inclement conditions left numerous rivers and waterways swollen and, in some cases, overflowing their banks. On Monday morning, April 16th, a motorist traveling close to the intersection of Woodburn Road and Spicewood Drive in Annandale, encountered the floodwaters as they coursed down the road and rendered the car the person was driving completely inert. It is believed that this happened near 7:30 in the morning.

Deadly Single Car Crash in Loudoun County

Deputies working with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office are working on an investigation into the death of a man from Leesburg that happened on Monday, April 9th. According to the results of the investigation so far, the incident took place around Smith Road and Hastings Drive, although we are not certain on whether or not the motorist was driving along either of these two streets when the crash took place or if there was a third street on which they were traveling.

Man Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter in Sterling Crash

A grand jury in Loudoun County has handed down its verdict on an individual believed to be responsible for a deadly crash that happened in Sterling on December 1st, 2017. The verdict, which was decided upon on April 18th, is only the first conclusion to the numerous charges that the Herndon man faces after the fatal accident. The other charges, which include driving under the influence and a third offense for driving with a suspended license, will likely be brought before a jury on the 30th of July.

Serious Injury After Multi-Car Crash Near Manassas

At least one person was severely injured after an accident that took place in Prince William County on Saturday, April 7th. Reports from the prince William Police Department do not offer much in the way of details regarding the incident, and most of what we know comes from a small report made via the PWCPDs Twitter account and subsequently rehashed in several news outlets in Northern Virginia and the greater D.C. Area.

Single Car Crash in Vienna Disables Traffic Signal

Police with the Vienna Police Department were among the first responders to arrive at an accident on Maple Avenue this past Thursday, April 12th, that resulted in badly damaged traffic light. After conducting an initial investigation, the police released a report that detailed the most up-to-date facts in the case. According to this report, it was close to 1:30 in the afternoon when a car approached the intersection of Follin Lane and Maple Avenue. Traffic had begin to gather in the area, likely due to the stoplight's regulation. The driver of the car in question approached this line of traffic and, due to reasons that are not known, found themselves needing to swerve off of the road in order to avoid striking the other cars.

Several Collisions Along I-95 in Fairfax County

On Sunday, April 8th, several collisions happened along Interstate 95 that resulted in the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue to spread itself rather thin in an attempt to respond adequately to all reported incidents. While the official reports from the scenes of the various collisions indicates that there were little or no injuries that happened as a result of the crashes, we do know that numerous cars were involved in each of the collisions.

50% Increase in Virginia Motorcyclist Fatality

A recent report from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles paints a distressing picture regarding motorcycle deaths throughout the state during 2017. This report, which was released on Wednesday, April 4th, indicates that over 100 motorcyclists were killed in collisions during 2017 alone. This is the highest number of recorded motorcycle fatalities to hit Virginia in over a decade.

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