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Dividing Retirement And Investment Accounts In Divorce

Divorce is seldom an easy process. For those with significant assets in the form of retirement and investment accounts, the process of dividing these resources becomes very complex and often contentious.

Putting a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) or division of property order (DOPO) in place may be an option for protecting your financial interests during marital property and asset division. At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our family law attorneys help with the division of retirement and investment accounts in divorce. We are committed to helping you protect the assets you are entitled to, allowing you the financial stability to continue your current quality of life in Virginia.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

A QDRO is simply a court order that grants an alternate payee the right to receive funds from a retirement plan or pension. In simpler terms, a QDRO allows a former spouse to collect from 401(K)s, stocks, or other retirement and investment funds previously designated to the former spouse.

This court order outlines the percentage of the accounts a person is entitled to receive. In complex divorce cases where a QDRO may be of benefit, our attorneys may employ experts to assist us in putting forward a strong financial argument on your behalf.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Assets

Our Fairfax lawyers also handle the pension division during a divorce. This can be a complex and emotionally charged issue. We work with our clients to develop a fair and reasonable property settlement agreement that provides the alternate payee a portion of the pension without drastically reducing the hard-earned retirement income of the other spouse.

We are prepared to work closely with you to set realistic goals regarding 401(k) division and the division of other retirement and investment accounts. To arrange your appointment, connect with our team online or over the phone at 571-748-5647.