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Advising Those Charged With Drug Distribution, PWID And Trafficking

The Commonwealth of Virginia aggressively prosecutes individuals charged with drug distribution, PWID, manufacturing and trafficking. These acts, with a Schedule I/II drug (a felony level drug) carry a sentence of five years to 40 years upon conviction. A conviction for illegal distribution or sales of street drugs or prescription drugs could result in a significant period of incarceration, probation and other serious criminal penalties.

Get the aggressive defense you require. Contact the Fairfax drug trafficking defense attorneys at MacDowell Law Group, P.C. We have defended thousands of clients facing criminal charges in Virginia. Our drug crime defense lawyers can protect your rights if you are facing drug charges, including:

  • Possession with intent to distribute (PWID)
  • Drug sales and trafficking
  • Illegal drug manufacturing
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • Distribution/sales/trafficking of narcotics
  • Distribution/sales/trafficking of a controlled substance
  • Prescription drug crimes

We also defend clients charged with illegal drug possession.

Protecting Your Rights Throughout The Criminal Process

Drug cases may be based on questionable evidence, including evidence obtained in violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights (especially the Fourth Amendment and Miranda violations), testimony of witnesses with questionable motives, and audio or video evidence that may be difficult or impossible to decipher. At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., we hold the prosecution to its burden of proof.

We will examine the facts of your case and carefully construct a strong defense on your behalf, bolstering your chances of success in plea negotiations or at trial, if necessary. We will make appropriate pretrial motions to seek the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of an illegal search or seizure, or obtained in violation of any of your constitutional rights.

Our Experience Makes A Difference

Our founding attorney, Richard MacDowell, is a former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer with over 35 years of legal experience. Each of our criminal defense attorneys offer clients the skilled and dedicated representation they require.

When a drug offense threatens your future, you need to take appropriate action. Our attorneys know which steps to take to protect your rights. Reach us online or over the phone at 571-748-5647 to discuss your case in a FREE consultation.