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Could Fairfax County’s Drug Treatment Court be the answer you’re looking for in your case?

| Apr 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Statistics compiled a few years ago by the Fairfax County officials before setting up its Drug Treatment Court were staggering. 

They discovered that at least 20.2 million Americans were currently suffering from a substance abuse disorder. That 2017 data also revealed that at least 72,000 Americans annually suffered from drug overdoses. The county’s own 2016 statistics showed that at least 630 probation violation hearings involved drug-related offenses. 

All of this data let county officials know that they needed to do something to help individuals suffering from substance abuse addictions. This acknowledgment led to the creation of Fairfax County’s Drug Treatment Court. Your participation in this alternative sentencing program may be a pathway to getting your life back. 

What are the eligibility criteria for Fairfax County’s Drug Treatment Court?

Anyone who is 18 or older who was previously convicted and later placed on probation for a non-violent offense may qualify for participation in this alternative sentencing program. The previous conviction doesn’t have to be for a drug or alcohol-related offense. Yet, one of these substances must have led to a violation of the terms of their probation. 

Probationers meeting the above-referenced criteria must also demonstrate that they have a verifiable drug or alcohol dependency diagnosis to qualify for participation in this drug court program. 

How does Fairfax County’s Drug Treatment Court work?

Any probationer admitted to drug court can expect to spend up to 14 months enrolled in it. Probationers must attend regular court hearings, regularly meet with their probation officer and follow other stabilization and continuance of care objectives outlined by the court to maintain their enrollment in this program. Participants in this alternative sentencing program may also receive additional support should a relapse occur. 

Drug court defendants can expect to have their probation terminated, and probation violation charges dropped once they complete this alternative sentencing program. 

Is drug court an option to consider in your case?

Fairfax County created its drug court intending to address probationers’ substance abuse concerns. Other programs, such as the Veterans Treatment Docket and Diversion First programs, may provide other defendants facing drug-related charges with options for keeping their records clear and getting their lives back on track. 

An attorney familiar with these different court programs can provide insight into whether you may qualify for participation in one of them.