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Divorce often comes after job loss

| Dec 27, 2020 | Divorce |

You’re not exceedingly wealthy. You make a great living, but you never thought your spouse married you for your money. You’re just comfortably in the middle class. When you lose your job, you don’t think that it’s going to impact your marriage. Right? 

Job loss is one of the top reasons for divorce

The truth is that job loss is absolutely a top reason for divorce. Some studies have even declared it the No. 1 factor. While that is debatable, that study does still support the fact that it ranks pretty highly. If you lost your job, even if your spouse didn’t marry you for financial support, that could leave to the end of your marriage. 

One reason for this is that job loss can set off a chain of events that tear at the fabric of a marriage. Say you can’t get another job. Now you and your spouse are home together all the time, grating on each other’s nerves. Then, with your reduced income, you can’t make ends meet. You start accumulating debt. You miss payments. Eventually, your mortgage lender threatens to foreclose on your house. 

It’s at this point that many people decide that this is not the life that they envisioned when they got married. It’s not how they want to live. If they can’t change it, the only option they feel like they have is to get divorced. Job loss doesn’t lead directly to that split, but it creates the stress and circumstances that do. 

Exploring your options when your marriage is ending

If you’re going through a divorce or thinking about filing, it’s important to explore all of your options carefully. An experienced family law attorney can help you better understand what steps you should take to protect your interests, what special considerations you may have and what to do next.