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A brain injury can make you sensitive to the light

| Jun 26, 2020 | Firm News |

Brain injuries are some of the most interesting and confusing injuries that people can suffer in car accidents, falls and other such incidents. They tend to impact the injured parties in many different ways. Two people who are involved in the same exact accident and who both have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could have completely different symptoms as a result. 

One symptom to consider is light sensitivity. You may find it very difficult to be under direct light, even if the level does not bother anyone else in the room. This can make it impossible to drive, work in an office, go to the grocery store and much else. You may appear fine to others, but you know that the brain injury is impacting your day-to-day activities to a large degree. 

In some cases, being this sensitive to light also means that you can get headaches or migraines. Even a mild headache is an annoyance, especially when you can’t shake it or when it is triggered by something as common as sunlight, but a migraine is a completely different issue. It can be so bad that you can’t get out of bed. People often experience vomiting and related symptoms. Again, this is something that can make work, school and socialization completely impossible. And it all relates back to that brain injury. 

If you’re suffering from these symptoms after an accident, you may need medical assistance, you may lose wages, you could lose your job and it can impact your relationships. Be sure you are well aware of your legal rights to compensation and that you fully understand what steps you should take to protect your future.